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  • Botanical: Dipterocarpus retusus
  • Family: Dipterocarpaceae
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Dipterocarpus retusus



Known as

Zweiflügelfruchtbäume, Zweiflügelnüsse, Flügelfruchtbäume

Old Use

medical, manufacturing

Parts Used


Skin & Hair



he tree, some 20-30m tall, is found in Cambodia in dense forests of the plains, common on hillsides and along rivers and in forests between 800m and 1500m altitude

Properties & Uses

The resin from the trunk is applied to wounds to help the healing process.

Other Uses

An oleo-resin is obtained from the trunk. It is used medicinally; to make torches for lighting; for caulking boats; as a coat for waterproofing paper; and as a varnish for boats, walls and furniture. The resin is obtained by cutting a hole in the trunk near the base (about 90 - 150cm from the ground) and then dipping out the resin with a spoon as it collects there. To prolong the flow, a fire made from dead leaves or brushwood is made in the hole at intervals - this burns off the dried resinous film and allows the resin to flow again


none known


E. Asia - southern China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

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