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Pine Dammar | Plant Lexica

Pine Dammar

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  • Botanical: Agathis dammara
  • Family: Araucariaceae
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Pine Dammar


Agathis dammara



Known as

Pine, Araucariaceae, Pine Dammar, Kauri, Conifer, Kauri-Bäume, Kaurifichten, Kaurikiefern

Parts Used



Trees to 60 m tall and 1.8 m dbh. Mature trees follow the usual Agathis model of a long clear bole with a broad emergent crown of large rigid first-order branches. The authorities differ in opinion about the bark, calling it gray, red-gray, light brown, or black, finely dimpled to thinly scaly or with many resin blisters, or rough, exfoliating thus with few epiphytes. Leaves sub-opposite, thick, coriaceous, light to dark green, highly variable even on a single tree. On young trees lanceolate, acuminate, 3x7 cm to 3.5x13 cm.

On adult trees long-oval with a rounded apex, 4-8x1.5-3 cm, with a 1-8 mm petiole. Pollen cones axillary, solitary on a stout 3-4 peduncle, at anthesis small cylinders with straight sides, surface firm, smooth; 6-8 mm diameter × 12-20 mm; ultimately becoming dark brown, slightly flexuous cylinders, 10×30-40 mm, with the surface loose; basal bracts form a loose, often squarish cupule, less than, equal to, or exceeding cone width, rarely with 2 bracts enlarged, leafy, 10×30 mm.

Microsporophylls at anthesis are imbricate, to 2 mm across, without a distinctly demarcated thin margin; edge erose; head in adaxial view round, 1.5-2 mm across, becoming 2.5×1.5 mm in the largest cones; thick in the center, tapering gradually to thin edges. Female cone globular or ovoid, 5.5-12 cm long by 5-7.8 cm wide; cone scales nearly triangular, upper corners of scales are broadly rounded and thin. Seed subovoid, to 1.5 cm long, one wing to 1.3 cm long, another much shorter


Philippines; Indonesia: Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, Moluccas

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